The ara pacis

One of rome's more controversial monuments, the ara pacis augustae is an elaborate altar, originally commissioned by the emperor augustus to celebrate his victories in spain and france (the name translates as the altar of the peace of augustus. L'ara pacis thanks to the special augmented reality viewers such as samsung gear vr and their internal device cameras, a visitor can go back through the centuries and see the ara pacis as it once with its original colours. Imperial procession from the ara pacis: detail of the panathenaic procession from the parthenon, c 447-432 bc model of the forum of augustus with the temple of mars ultor, late 1st c bc. The museum of the ara pacis (italian: museo dell'ara pacis) belongs to the sistema dei musei in comune of rome () it houses the ara pacis of augustus, an ancient monument that was initially inaugurated on january 30, 9 bc. Ara pacis museum no trip to rome is complete without a visit to the glorious ara pacis museum, where the ancient and contemporary worlds collide the museum showcases the emperor augustus's amazing 'altar of peace' wrapped inside a magnificent travertine and glass blanket designed by contemporary architectural maestro richard meier.

The ara pacis augustae or altar of the augustan peace in rome was built to celebrate the return of augustus in 13 bce from his campaigns in spain and gaulthe marble structure, which once stood on the campus martius, is a masterpiece of roman sculpture and, in particular, of portraiture. The ara pacis augustae, augusta altar of peace, was built by order of the roman senate to praise the victorious return of augustus from his campaigns in gaul and spain and imposed peace on his return. Introduction the ara pacis augustae (altar of augustan peace) is a relatively large marble structure (estimated to have been approximately 11 by 11 meters) dedicated on 30 january 9 bce in rome.

Ara pacis augustae (altar of augustan peace), 13-9 bcespeakers: dr beth harris & dr steven zucker created by beth harris and steven zucker. Ara pacis museum the new ara pacis museum in rome opened in the spring of 2006 the museum was designed by the international architect richard meier and has been subject to much controversy and criticism. The ara pacis was originally located in the northeast corner of the campus martius, an empty ground used for military drills it was in an open space, lit by natural light and only accessible from. The ara pacis is beautiful, but i do enjoy seeing the ara pacis, but after doing the vr exhibit on 6/29, i was highly disappointed it's 20 euros which is a bit pricey for an event that lasts about 30 minutes.

The ara pacis is an altar dedicated to the pax augusta and also a celebration of the return of augustus from spain and gaul after the inauguration the ara pacis was used as an altar of sacrifices, where offers to the goddess of peace, pax , were made [ 4 . The south procession sorry about these pictures: one notable problem of the site and architecture of the new museum is that the space is very narrow between the enclosure wall of the ara pacis and the wall of the museum. The ara pacis augustae (altar of augustan peace) sought to state visually the new order of augustus the procession of the imperial family was a political statement on the grandeur of rome which of the following was also implied in the procession of the imperial family. L'ara com'era is a multimedia narrative, in which history and technology meet for an immersive and multi-sensory view of the ara pacis a preview of a unique, innovative augmented reality experience: by superimposing virtual elements to visual perception, you can learn about the historical, environmental and artistic context of the monument. English: the ara pacis is a roman altar in rome, italy español: ara pacis es un altar romano en roma, italia français : l' ara pacis augustae (autel de la paix d'auguste) est un autel romain monumental consacré par l'empereur auguste à la paix en l'an 9 av j-c, à rome, italie.

The ara pacis

the ara pacis The ara pacis itself, though, has its own political history the altar was commissioned by the roman senate in 13 bc and inaugurated in 9 bc to honor augustus for pacifying gaul and spain.

The ara pacis augustae (altar of augustan peace) is an altar in rome dedicated to pax, the roman goddess of peace consecrated on 30 january 9 bc, the birthday of augustus' wife of livia , the monument was commissioned by the roman senate on 4 july 13 bc to honor the return of augustus to rome after 3 years in hispania and gaul. Aeneas sacrificing a sow altar of peace (ara pacis), rome 13-9 bce the altar of peace (ara pacis) was made during the reign of augustus, who built many monuments and boasted of having transformed rome from a city of brick into a city of marble and of bringing peace after decades of civil war. The ara pacis augustae, or altar of augustan peace, was completed in 9 bce the altar complex consisted of an interior altar surrounded by a stone precinct wall the entirety was raised on a marble base with steps leading into the precinct space.

  • The ara pacis is one of the few monuments in rome where is possibile to actually see the faces of history, such as livia, augustus's wife, tiberius, agrippa and nero as a child, whose representations will be deleted from all the imperial monuments in rome.
  • Created october 2005 - massachusetts institute of technology: 21h402, the making of a roman emperor.
  • The ara as it was - an account in augmented reality from 1 may to 1 september friday and saturday: from 2045 to 2330 (last entry at 2230) from 2 to 30 september friday and saturday : from 1945 to 2300 (last entry at 2200.

The ara pacis augustae is located in rome, italy, and was created with marble between 13-9 bce four panels on the east and west ends of the ara pacis depict carefully selected mythical subjects there is a procession of the imperial family located on the south frieze, which shows the human figures. Home of one of the most precious monuments of the augustan age, the ara pacis is an alter built in honor of augustus in 9 bc to be used for yearly sacrifices. Processions depicted on the ara pacis augustae, showing members of the emperor's family, suggest that _____ peace will continue because augustus' successors have been born although this sculpture was once presumed to portray constantine, such a theory could be proved unlikely simply by its ________. The ara pacis was not just another piece of beautiful augustan art this monument stood as the epitome of the augustan message of peace brought forth and solidified by augustus a peace that had never truly been seen in roman history to that point.

the ara pacis The ara pacis itself, though, has its own political history the altar was commissioned by the roman senate in 13 bc and inaugurated in 9 bc to honor augustus for pacifying gaul and spain. the ara pacis The ara pacis itself, though, has its own political history the altar was commissioned by the roman senate in 13 bc and inaugurated in 9 bc to honor augustus for pacifying gaul and spain.
The ara pacis
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